A key contributor to the economic recovery of the Province

Interactive Ontario (IO)’s Roadmap to Economic Success maps out the actions that will lead the Province to economic prosperity in the video game and interactive digital media (IDM) sector. This roadmap summarizes IO’s advocacy efforts at the provincial level over the last few years.


“Ontario boasts 40% of the Canadian population but only about 20% of the jobs in the video game[1] sector in Canada. The video game industry is a global juggernaut that generated USD 180Bn in 2021 and will continue to grow for decades to come. Video games and IDM products are now consumed by people of all ages and gender – 50% of players in Canada are women. Ontario can and should be the home to at least 40% of the video game jobs in Canada.”

[1] The video game sector is used as a proxy for the larger interactive digital media sector.

“In order for Ontario to get its fair share of the jobs, the Province has to stimulate investments and job creation by all players in the industry, from SMEs of all sizes to large corporations”.

“Interactive Ontario was encouraged to see the government committing, in its 2021 Fall Economic Statement, to continue to work with the video game and IDM industry to attract investments and create jobs in Ontario. We also greatly appreciate Minister MacLeod’s remarkable engagement with the creative industries, and the efforts made by Ontario Creates and MHSTCI to significantly reduce the OIDMTC queue and address the eligibility of work-from-home during the pandemic.”

It is time for Ontario to trigger the investments and jobs it deserves in the video game and IDM industry, while the fast-evolving global window of opportunity is still open.”

Comments on the roadmap and advocacy-related inquiries can be directed to advocacy@interactiveontario.com.