Interactive Ontario is grateful to all respondents to the CMF-Funded national survey: “Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on the IDM Industry” produced by Nordicity. Ontario had the largest number of respondents and that made a difference. We hope to be able to poll you monthly with a short survey to monitor changes. Stay tuned and thank you!

Some Key Highlights:


  • Average number of months of runway = 4
  • 58% of respondents have 3 or less months of runway.

Issues that are likely to have the greatest impact:

  • Loss of business development opportunities due to publishers, platforms, investors, clients, partners and other stakeholders being affected by COVID-19 (49% of respondents)
  • Loss of business development opportunities due to major markets being cancelled (34%)
  • Decrease in sales due to reduced purchasing power of customers and/or advertising budgets (30%)
  • Cash flow issues (29%)
Please continue to reach out to us with feedback on impacts, current relief measures and potential new ones at