Member of the Month

Welcome to our new Member of the Month feature, where each month we’ll highlight one of IO’s fantastic member companies. This month, a Q&A with Big Blue Bubble Founder & CEO Damir Slogar.

How did your company get started?
Big Blue Bubble started back in early 2003 by exploring the viability of the mobile game market which was in its infancy at that point. We very quickly got noticed by other big players when we released a few games on Palm Pilot (think iPhones before iPhones existed) and early Nokia phones. This attention helped the company initially grow and within a couple of phases expanded a bit into the PC/console market but at our core we continued to be first and foremost a mobile game studio.

What problem are you currently trying to solve?
I guess that would be predicting the next major shift in the games market. Being in this industry for almost 30 years I saw so many but trying to guess what will be the next ‘big thing’ is always tough.

What are you most excited about in interactive digital media in Ontario right now?
I am always impressed with the variety and creativity behind the games coming from the small indie studios in Ontario. It is truly inspiring.

What advice do you have for someone who’s just getting started in your field?
I hear people saying that starting a new studio is now tougher than ever due to the competition. At the same time, the amount of opportunities are that much greater so now is the right time as any other. Choose your niche and match it with your passion.

What’s next for your company?
This year we will continue our rapid growth and move to a new office that will allow us to continue expanding. Our focus will continue to be development of the original IP on the mobile platforms and you can expect some major announcements coming from our studio in the following  weeks.