Interactive Ontario (IO) is pleased that the 2017 Ontario budget recognizes and addresses Ontario’s rapidly developing digital economy.

IO has been advocating for entrepreneurship and enhanced digital skills training for students and mid-career workers to address existing and projected shortfalls in the highly-skilled workforce.   A combination of enhancements and newly announced strategies and programs include:

  • Highly Skilled Workforce Strategy
  • Career Kick-Start Strategy
  • Lifelong Learning and Skills Plan
  • Supporting Education for the Changing Economy Pilot Projects

“With programs like these we are hopeful that Ontario’s growing Interactive Digital Media companies will be able to meet their highly-skilled staffing needs for the long-term.” Jeffrey Elliott, Chair – Interactive Ontario

IO’s February 2017 report Measuring Success noted Ontario’s IDM companies are projecting 44% employment growth and 61% revenue growth in the next 12 months. This upward momentum owes a great deal to stable programs such as the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit, the Interactive Digital Media Fund and the Global Market Development Fund, among others.

It is the government’s continued plan to support Ontario’s transition to the new economy with The Business Growth Initiative, which will create opportunities to make Ontario’s economy more innovative and help scale up small businesses into medium-sized and large enterprises.

“Interactive Ontario welcomes the Government of Ontario’s continued support of the small and medium-sized enterprises that make up a large part of the Interactive Digital Media sector in Ontario.” Christa Dickenson, Executive Director – Interactive Ontario

Interactive Ontario values our collaborative relationships with a number of Ministries at the Ontario government and we look forward to continuing to work together to ensure an optimal ecosystem for Ontario’s interactive digital media companies.