Created by Trevor Allan, Jody Colero and Jane Heath, Junior Joe is a full-service boutique music production company dedicated to children’s programming. While Silent Joe has long been involved in sound production for kids, the studio felt the time was right to dedicate an entire shop to the children’s world. And so Junior Joe was born, addressing a need for a studio that not only offers clients a roster of musical talent, but also one that embraces a true full service model.

Junior Joe incorporates music composition — including score, themes, songs, bumper and sting packages — with sound design & studio services. In addition, Junior Joe has assembled an elite team to provide vocal coaching, voice casting and direction, all within one company. Each member of Junior Joe has their own specialty, with the sum of the studio’s parts making for a greater whole.

The studio is operated as a nimble balance of creativity and business acumen. This model offers clients a variety of styles, approaches and services all under a single roof, with the simplicity and accountability of a one-to-one relationship.  Junior Joe is all about being creative and versatile.

Musically and philosophically, Junior Joe embraces the fact that young ears are wonderfully sophisticated. Great music is great music. It should get kids moving and smiling by speaking to them, not condescending to them.

Currently in production at Junior Joe is the second season of the award winning series The Adventures of Napkin Man (Breakthrough Entertainment / Little Airplane / Kids CBC), The Moblees (Season 2 – Shaftesbury Kids / Boulevard Productions/ Kids CBC) and The Stanley Dynamic (Amaze Film + TV / YTV).