(April 12, 2022 – Toronto, Ontario) – Ontario video game studios were showcased on the national stage during the Canadian Game Awards 2022 (CGA), and the first-ever Canadian Indie Game Awards (CIGA). Throughout the two award shows, Ontario studios received unprecedented levels of recognition and accolades for their work, taking home a staggering 13 awards across both shows. Interactive Ontario is immensely proud of these studios, their extraordinary talent, and the reputation they have built for future Ontario creatives to thrive to emulate.

“The 2022 CIGA and CGA underlined the excellence of the video game industry in Ontario,” said Lucie Lalumière, President & CEO of Interactive Ontario. “We compete on the global stage and programs such as the Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media Fund are instrumental in supporting the creation and commercialization of original IP by Ontario’s video game studios, as demonstrated by the success Ontario studios have shown during this award season winning games and studios.”

Ontario leads the country in total number of video game studios, and is the national leader for innovative independent gaming companies. This community continues to expand, excel, and collaborate to create one of the leading techno-creative hubs in the world. Interactive Ontario encourages Ontarians to visit the games library on TheLodgge.com to discover many of the games that we produce here in Ontario.

Interactive Ontario would like to congratulate all of the Ontario nominees and award winners from the CIGA’s and CGA’s listed below and look forward to our province’s bright future.


Ontario Wins:

Canadian Game Awards 2022

  • Alientrap: Wytchwood – Best Art Direction
  • Ubisoft Toronto: Far Cry 6 – Giancarlo Esposito as Antón Castillo: Best Performance, Studio of the Year
  • Falling Squirrel/Creative Bytes: The Vale: Shadow of the Crown: Best Audio Design
  • Cococucumber: Echo Generation – Best Indie Game of the Year

Canadian Indie Awards 2022

  • Cococucumber: Echo Generation – Indie Game of the Year, Best Score / Soundtrack and Best Narrative
  • Alientrap Games: Wytchwood – Best Art Direction and Best Animation
  • Falling Squirrel/Creative Bytes: The Vale: Shadow of the Crown – Best Audio Design and Best Technology / Innovation
  • Torn Banner Studios: Chivalry 2 – Best Console Game
  • Capybara Games: Grindstone:– Best Mobile Game