A few weeks ago we announced that a number of Interactive Ontario members were nominated for awards in the digital media categories of the Canadian Screen Awards. Well, now we have even better news: several of our members won in their categories at the Gala Awards Ceremony on March 28th!

We’d like to offer our congratulations to IO members Jam3, Sinking Ship Entertainment for their wins, and to The National Film Board for not one win, but two!  Check out the nominations and projects in detail below:

Sinking Ship Entertainment Dino Dana Digital
Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth

Dinodana.com is the online home of the hit TV show Dino Dana. Games and apps being the key experience, taking kids on an interactive adventures of discovery with Dana herself! There are games, experiments, and other fun educational goodies for dino-minded kids. The digital suite gives kids the chance to directly participate in the action of the show.

Jam3 –  Nuclear Dissent
Best Original Interactive Production

The user experiences the battle to end nuclear weapons testing through an interactive journey consisting of VR/360º panoramas, X-ray visions of radioactivity, real footages from the protests and a simulation of a nuclear attack in their own neighbourhood. By using technology to create engaging interactions Nuclear Dissent makes a historical event relevant and evocative to the audiences of today.

CFC Media LabMade this Way: Redefining Masculinity

NFBBiidaaban: First Light
Best Immersive Experience – Fiction

The town square is flooded. The infrastructure has merged with local flora and people commute via canoe. In this radically different future, urban life is thriving. Biidaaban: First Light illuminates how Indigenous languages can provide a framework for understanding our place in a reconciled version of Canada’s largest urban environment.

NFBMuseum of Symmetry
Best Virtual Reality Game
Museum of Symmetry is the explosive feel-good alter-universe of cartoonist and animator Paloma Dawkins, produced by the National Film Board of Canada and brought to life by pioneer VR studio Casa Rara. A room-scale VR metaphor for life, it takes the player through landscapes of earth, fire, wind and water, where vivacious 2D characters live in a 3D playground.

Check out the full list of winners here.