As you may know, Canadian Heritage is currently engaged in Canadian Content in a Digital World consultations (#DigiCanCon). Interactive Ontario has solicited feedback and encouraged members to take part in the consultation process through various channels. In order to capture as many ideas and issues of interest to the interactive digital media sector prior to sending in Interactive Ontario’s submission for the November 25th deadline, we will be hosting a Twitter chat. The Twitter chat will take place November 7 from 11:30am-12:30pm. Please save the date – your participation is essential to fostering a robust dialogue during the chat.

During the Twitter Chat we will publicly ask for answers to set questions. The questions will be rolled out over the hour to try and give people time to respond before releasing the next question.

To participate, please follow @ionews on Twitter and watch for the questions on the hashtag #iodigicancon. Questions will be numbered – eg Q1:

[question here]. Be sure to format your answers with corresponding numbers – eg A1: [response to question 1] and include the hashtag in all responses. You can also use the ‘quote tweet’ feature to show both the question and response in a single tweet