Interactive Ontario (IO) and the video game/interactive digital media (IDM) member companies it represents, fully support the Ontario Government’s commitment to modernize the OIDMTC. We share the government’s goals to increase Ontario’s competitiveness, attract investments, and offer great career opportunities in Ontario by creating jobs in the IDM sector.

IO’s Advocacy Committee in consultation with industry leaders submitted Interactive Ontario Recommendations – OIDMTC Red Tape and Modernization – Part 1 (Nov 6 2023) in November 2023, ie. Red Tape recommendations #1 and #2, and Modernization recommendation # 1 below. “Interactive Ontario Recommendations – OIDMTC Red Tape and Modernization – Part 2 (Dec 11 2023)” includes Red Tape recommendation #3, and Modernization recommendations #2 and #3 below:

Red Tape Recommendations
1.     Clarify the eligibility of remote work for all Ontario IDM labour.
2.     Develop a service standard for OIDMTC processing time aligned with leading jurisdictions.
3.     Remove the 80/90 company test for annual filing (93.2).

Modernization Recommendations
1.     Support talent acquisition from other jurisdictions (change the residency requirement).
2.     Lower the Ontario labour threshold for annual filing (93.2) to $250K.
3.     Modernize the 80/25 rule under Specified and Non-specified Products.

The implementation of these recommendations, in combination with Ontario’s diverse and highly educated workforce, will position the province as one of the best jurisdictions in the world to invest, scale up, and grow IDM businesses.

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