The Government of Ontario has been conducting a consultation on strategies to strengthen the intellectual property (IP) framework in Ontario. The consultation is currently centered around how the post-secondary sector can create and commercialize IP, and maximize opportunities for economic growth.

On behalf of the Board of Interactive Ontario and Ontario’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector, we submitted our recommendations regarding the:

  • Standardization of IP policies and contracts among post-secondary institutions
  • Creation of the Collaboration Hub to connect the industry with post-secondary institutions and senior students

By nature, IDM is innovative and constantly evolving its business models, technology and content forms. As a result, IDM companies have a continuous need for new IP in the form of technology or content. IDM companies have long collaborated with Ontario’s colleges and universities in the development of IP.

Implementation of these proposals should both increase the number of collaborations between the industry and Ontario’s colleges and universities, and improve the commercial success of those collaborations, benefitting both the academic institutions and the IDM sector.

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