The Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector is a significant contributor to the economy of Ontario, and our economic profile is an important piece of information in educating influencers and decision makers.

It’s important that we all use recent figures when we communicate about our industry. That’s why it’s essential for you to fill out Interactive Ontario’s second survey on the economic impact of the IDM industry:

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*The deadline is September 21st. The data gathered is confidential and we will only use aggregate data to build our report. The latter will be available to us all on Interactive Ontario’s website.

Additionally, the Ontario government has released a survey that it is encouraging Ontarians to fill out to get feedback on how the government can make programs more efficient and effective.

You can find the survey here:

It is in two parts.  In the first part it asks respondent’s to talk about their use of government programs and the ease of use.  As users of programs such as the OIDMTC and small business and export programs you could reflect on your experience with programs under the heading of “Economic Development” and “General Government and Other Services”, though you may also have personal experience with other categories.

The second part of the survey asks for three ideas on how to improve government services.  This could be an opportunity to demonstrate how important the OIDMTC is to the Ontario IDM industry and how the IDM sector wants to continue to collaborate with the government to ensure that it is ‘efficient and effective’.  Should you wish to fill this part of the survey out we suggest that you copy or adapt some of the following key messages:

  • The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit is a labour-based tax credit that is an essential component of IDM financing in Ontario.  It helps to maintain and grow a skilled workforce in Ontario.
  • The Ontario IDM industry consists of over 875 companies engaging over 16,900 full time equivalent employees.
  • Stable and predictable tax credits allow companies to plan and grow and attract international revenue.  Ontario’s IDM exports totaled $602.4 million in 2016.
  • The Ontario IDM industry has a history of working collaboratively with the government to improve the OIDMTC and make it more efficient for both the government and the IDM companies.  The industry wants to continue to do so as a growing and strong IDM domestic sector will contribute jobs and taxes to the economy and attract more foreign revenue.
  • [Add in personal stories about the number of projects that have received the OIDMTC, successes and how important the OIDMTC has been to your company’s growth]

Note that the deadline for filling out the survey is September 21, 2018.