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Interactive Ontario’s Digital Dive is a virtual classroom designed by professionals in the Video Game / Interactive Digital Media industry. Black High School Students in Ontario are invited to explore the classroom with friends and complete workshops at their own pace to develop skills in writing for interactive storytelling and design, while learning more about the career paths and options available after high school!

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Gavin Ball

Created by Gavin Ball

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Gavin Ball is a digital media artist specializing in concept art, illustration and asset creation for games. He has been working as a studio artist and freelancer for 15 years. He has also taught at several post secondary animation and game programs in Ontario. He currently is a full-time professor at Ontario Tech University in their Game Development and Entrepreneurship program.

Gavin is currently developing a game called Gladiotron through his production studio Full Circle CS.

Making Games in Twine

Learn to use Interactive game maker Twine to make interactive storytelling games using images, text, and sound that’ll take your ideas into working games with little to no programming experience—as long as you have a story to tell, this workshop will show you how to turn it into a great text adventure.

Since 2012, Jordan Sparks has taught Multimedia skills to over well 5000 people across Ontario and is the Technology Director & Workshop Coordinator of the Hand Eye Society. Jordan is a Multimedia Artist, Designer, and Educator currently teaching in Humber College’s Game Programming program.

Jordan Sparks

Led by Jordan Sparks

Trethwest 2D Mobile Game Programming

In this 2-D Mobile game programming tutorial, you’ll be introduced to 2-D game programming and content creation. You’ll also explore graphic, coding, and audio production for game development. Learn what is possible for students to become producers, instead of merely players, of video games in this workshop. This workshop is designed by writer, artist-musician and founder of multimedia tech startup TrethWest Inc., Aharon Joseph.

Aharon Joseph

Led by Aharon Joseph

Spawning: How it Works

In this workshop, learn about spawning in video games, and the coding and development of how it works using Unreal Engine. Spawners are the video game mechanic that causes things to emerge suddenly, from enemies to coins and fire, spawning and despawning make things appear in games.

This workshop is led by independent Game Developer, Khori Armstrong. Khori has been making games since middle school. He is a jack-of-all-trades game developer who also enjoys art, music, and writing.

Khori Armstrong

Led by Khori Armstrong

Listening to Learn from Black Professionals

Podcast featuring 3 Black industry Professionals share their career journey in Video Game / Interactive Digital Media; learn from these pro’s who demonstrate Black excellence everyday and become better equipped to select a post-secondary path.

Daniella Kalinda (Social Media Specialist at Diversity Institute)

Rob Elsworthy (Director of Resistr Interactive and former Game Designer at Rockstar Games)

Sara Tekle (Founder & CEO of UPPTACK STUDIOS)

Career Panel Images

Led by Rob Elsworthy, Daniella Kalinda, Sara Tekle

Digital Dive Community Space: More Resources for Aspiring Black Gamers and Game Developers

Check out a few more resources and communities for aspiring Black Gamers and Game Developers in Ontario.