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Interactive Ontario is organizing an online town hall on recovery and stimulus measures. We will brief you on the latest advocacy news and seek ideas/input on potential measures. Participants must be in a leadership position or have been delegated by the company’s leadership team. Eligible participants include representatives of companies of all sizes, including sole proprietorship. [...]

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Experts-To-Go is a pilot program designed to provide Ontario’s interactive digital media companies with the expertise they need to tackle a specific business or marketing challenge at an affordable rate.

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Over 4-weeks aspiring Black Game Developers will learn about game making-technologies and see how they can be part of the game industry.

Brought to you by Interactive Ontario and instructed by Jordan Sparks. Made possible by the generous support of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) under the Network of Services for Black Children, Youth, and Families (formerly the Black Youth Action Plan).

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