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Torch Talks is an industry-led effort bringing together people from different areas of expertise for candid, in-depth, authentic conversations, where we can ask questions and make better decisions to thrive as leading studios in Ontario.

Each event will feature an Expert Guest to share best practices followed by discussion that aims to inspire action and collaboration.

Join us to ask questions or provide answers, expanding our skills, tactics, and businesses, as we come together to usher Ontario onto the Global stage of Video Game and Interactive Digital Media.

This event is exclusively for Expand and Torchbearer Interactive Ontario Members.

Meet the Committee

Laura Jabalee Johnston

Laura Jabalee Johnston

Director of Business Affairs
Secret Location

– Committee Chair –

Daniela Mahac

Daniela Mahac

Director of People Ops
Uken Games

Joel Burgess

Joel Burgess

Studio Director
Capybara Games


Renee Wong

Renee Wong

Communications Specialist
Gameloft Toronto

Upcoming Meetings

Studio Tech Leaders

with moderator Laura Jabalee Johnston

Wednesday July 13
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Find out what’s up with fellow CTO’s and Technical Directors on IO’s exclusive Discord.

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  • Torch Talks: How to Win at Remote Work

    with Daniel Cook, CCO at Spry Fox

    Meeting Date: May 19, 2022

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