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Interactive Ontario’s Keynotes are a series of online events in which IO will invite leading experts to present timely video game and interactive digital media trends, ideas and strategies to industry members and stakeholders.

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Discoverability is more vital than ever for the hundreds of studios across the province.

Join us for a Fireside Chat with Simon Carless (GameDiscoverCo) for data-backed insights into how consumers find games in the 2020’s, discoverability and marketing strategies that work in the current global market.

Keynote: Financing Video Games and Studios

Trends in Financing Video Games and Studios

The video game industry is thriving, experiencing a period of intense growth. Canada is a global player in the industry, fueled by Canadian companies that excel in creative and technological development.

Join us and our panel of industry experts as we explore current trends in financing for video game studios and the titles they create.

Keynote Series

Pitching with Decision Makers

Pitching is an integral part of the process, whether it’s your game to a publisher or your studio to an investor. You’ve invested time, money and passion into developing your project and now you’ve reached the next crucial step.

Join us and our panel of industry professionals as we discuss the process and art of pitching. They will provide insights on what they look for in a pitch and how to ensure your presentation outshines the rest.

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