As mentioned in a prior newsletter, the CMF has released new guidelines for 2019-2020. Some changes will have a positive impact on the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry and are aligned with recommendations that IO and its advocacy committee made in its December submission to the CMF (Interactive Ontario Submission to CMF 2018).

However, after discussing the new guidelines with the advocacy committee and gathering feedback from members, concerns were raised. Most importantly, there will be a net loss of financial support to Canadian IDM productions because of the changes to the Convergent Stream guidelines and the Experimental Stream eligibility. See detailed explanation in the letter we sent to the CMF yesterday (IO-to-CMF-re-2019-20-Guideline-Changes-June-5-2019.pdf).

IDM is an important and growing part of the creative industry in Ontario and Canada. Therefore, we want to work with the CMF to ensure that they continue to support IDM productions at levels that are at least comparable to those in previous years.

We are heartened by the prompt response we got today to our letter. The CMF assures us that they will closely monitor the changes they made and their impact on the IDM industry. They also reaffirm the importance of the IDM sector to the CMF and their intent to consult with us in the next months, in light of the results of this year’s changes.

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OIDMTC – reminder

Ontario Creates will undertake the revision of the OIDMTC guidelines and Q&A over the next months. Your feedback is key to this process. So please send your questions and points of clarification to by June 14th.