Project Description


Understanding new opportunities in a fast-evolving technology world.
April 10 -11, 2018
Toronto, ON. Information about the conference venue will be available soon.

Blockchain is the new buzz word in the technology industry, but is it the real deal or another fad? Stats and application potential suggests it is the real deal.

– The global Blockchain market was valued at $216.1 million in 2016 and is projected to reach $9.6 billion by 2024.
– The private Blockchain segment led the global Blockchain market by holding nearly 70% of the total market share.
– North American blockchain market held a revenue share of more than 40% of the global market in 2016.
– Blockchain Industry is expected to grow by 61% CAGR by 2021
– Blockchain technologies can enhance:
– Transparency
– Immutability
– Reduce Costs
– Faster Transaction
– The Government of Canada is running a competition to establish a supercluster. Toronto and Waterloo submitted a proposal that could see a large portion of $950 million invested in blockchain technologies.

The objective of this summit is to bring together professionals from innovative and established private sector players to discuss opportunities and risks that this technological revolution presents. Identify areas and sectors that have the biggest potential for Blockchain technology, including:

– Finance
– Energy
– Public Sector
– Retail
– Legal

This peer to peer learning event brings together a cross-industry of Blockchain leaders to share strategies for transforming various sectors. At this summit, you will hear from experts about how Blockchain technology can be beneficial for the Canadian economy and how it will change various sectors. At the Blockchain Opportunities Summit Canada, a cross-industry mix of innovative executives will share their strategies for incorporating distributed ledger systems to improve contracts, financial transactions, identity management and many other facets of business.

The conference is being Co-Organized by The Blockchain Hub Canada which is part of York University, one of the few providing Blockchain certification in Canada.

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