About IO

Interactive Ontario is a not-for-profit industry trade association committed to the growth of the Ontario interactive digital media (IDM) industry.

Interactive Ontario fosters growth in the IDM industry in Ontario through government advocacy, events, trade missions, connections to business development opportunities and meaningful partnerships with complementary organizations. IO hosts over 30 events each year, providing knowledge sharing and networking in this quickly evolving industry.

IO represents approximately 330 IDM companies, with a diverse group of members ranging from SMEs (small & medium enterprises) to large international corporations. They produce innovative experiences in a variety of subsectors including video games, eLearning, multiplatform storytelling, mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, web series and more.

IO was founded in 2001 as the New Media Business Alliance and was renamed in 2007.

Digital Media in Ontario

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Board of Directors




Jeffrey Elliott


Lucie Lalumière


Lisa Coulman

Lisa Coulman


Christa Dickenson

President & CEO

David Dembroski



President & CEO
Christa Dickenson is President & CEO of Interactive Ontario. As a marketing executive, Ms. Dickenson brings to Interactive Ontario two decades of experience leveraging partnerships and optimizing sponsorship opportunities. Having had a successful career spanning broadcast television, technology & telecommunications, Ms. Dickenson worked at Rogers, CTV and CPAC prior to joining Interactive Ontario. Ms. Dickenson possesses an unparalleled talent for innovation coupled with a strong business acumen. With her brand advocacy expertise honed over many years, she is a highly effective policy advocate.

In addition to a professional background spanning both the creative and business sides of the broadcast, technology and telecommunications industries, Ms. Dickenson has volunteered extensively with a variety of local and international non-profit organizations.

Program Director
Carly Beath comes to her role at IO from a background in marketing/communications and program management in the entertainment, politics and non-profit worlds.

Prior to joining Interactive Ontario, she worked with organizations and companies that include the National Campus and Community Radio Association, MapleMusic Recordings, and the LOFT Youth Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation. She is well-versed in the cultural sector from both business and creative standpoints; she is a musician whose projects include live performance, independent releases, audio engineering, music supervision and more.


Interactive Ontario’s mandate is to:

  1. “Collect and Connect” digital media business leaders and all levels of government to stimulate growth of the digital media content industry in Ontario,

  2. “Collect and Connect” the Ontario digital media content industry and key industry sectors to promote local talent and stimulate growth,

  3. Promote the digital media content industry, in its own right, as distinct from related digital industries such as hardware, software, telecom and other digital infrastructure industries,

  4. Gather information from Ontario digital content business leaders to identify trends and set priorities to target needs in this rapidly changing field,

  5. Develop industry focused recommendations and promote these recommendations to all levels of government for the direct benefit of the digital media content industry,

  6. Function autonomously, in partnership with other industry associations, with a targeted focus on the business of digital media content development,

  7. And seek recognition from all levels of government as the definitive voice for the business of Ontario of digital media content.

Read our by-laws here